About Us

CorrectCrete was founded by Sands and Forrest Williamson in 2015 when they were presented with an extremely intriguing opportunity: the two brothers were able to gain licensing for a new and innovative method of repairing concrete. There was an enormous demand on the market to repair concrete, and since the new method is a fraction of the cost of tearing out and re-pouring new concrete – CorrectCrete was born.

Is there a story behind your company’s name?

We wanted something unique and memorable that essentially says exactly what we do. The inspiration was Quikrete and the brand identity that’s associated with the name. We wanted to be the THE solution and leader for concrete repair. People say “I want a Starbucks, ” not “I want a coffee” or “Duct tape it”, not “adhesive tape it”.

Are there guiding principles for everything you do at your company?

Absolutely. Not only are we better than our competition, we’re a better option than any alternative solution on the market. We strive to be cheaper, more effective, more efficient, more professional, and do things the “right way”. The construction world is not the most glamorous industry, so in order for CorrectCrete to truly stand out – we must focus on our appearance, attention to detail, customer service, and dependability.