Resurfacing Systems

A new concrete surface doesn’t have to be an ordeal, nor does it have to be the extremely expensive, time consuming, destructive alternative of tear-out and re-pour. The dedicated experts at CorrectCrete have built a reputation on low-cost, cutting-edge resurfacing solutions that can bring life back to all of your concrete regardless of its initial state.

The Benefits of Resurfacing

Resurfacing your concrete offers more than just a great look. Getting these services done with CorrectCrete provides the following benefits:

  • Legal protection – A CorrectCrete resurfacing system insures a safer surface due to the myriad of texture variations available. You can avoid slips and falls that could become expensive lawsuits.
  • Longer life – Your concrete and wood will have a much longer functional life because our resurfacing systems are high performance, virtually indestructible systems that protect and preserve the underlying components of your material.
  • Durability – A CorrectCrete resurfacing system acts as a fortifying agent to your existing surface. With us, you’re not only eliminating scratches, cracks, chipping, fading & water intrusion — you’re preventing them from happening in the future.
  • Aesthetics – No more undesirable, plain, cracked gray concrete & faded stained wood surfaces. With our endless array of color and texture combinations to choose from, there’s simply no comparison.
  • Maintenance – There’s virtually no maintenance required. Our resurfacing systems clean up extremely well, and resist most chemical and mother nature related messes. You also won’t have to re-coat or stain your surface every couple years any longer.

The Benefits of CorrectCrete

CorrectCrete is more than a resurfacing company. The sole reason that CorrectCrete is in business is because of its proprietary concrete leveling and complimentary resurfacing technology and services that reduces costs and improves the quality of your concrete and wood surfaces compared to tear-out and re-pour/RENO, or previous traditional resurfacing methods.

We are also extremely proud of our customer service. We strive to give our clients the most comfortable process in the industry along with the new technology that we offer. Experience this for yourself when you get in touch with us!

Your Next Home Improvement Move

If you are looking for more information about CorrectCrete resurfacing, get a free quote from us today. We will provide an initial consultation, quote and upon agreement for service come out to correct your concrete with a single appointment that will restore functionality within minutes, not days.

Why replace it? Correct it. Give CorrectCrete a call today.