Wood Coatings

A great looking, new wood coating can give you a new lease on your decking and floor. Before you spend thousands of dollars trying to replace expensive components, you should consider the much less expensive and easier solution of a CorrectCrete wood coating.

You really can restore the beauty and functionality of an area with a simple procedure, without spending an arm and a leg. Look at a few of the ways that CorrectCrete upgrades the look and durability of your wood surface, giving your property a brand-new lease on life.

Why CorrectCrete Wood Coatings?

CorrectCrete wood coating services are created especially for common residential and commercial applications, especially your decks and porches. We provide you with a beautiful, long-lasting, water & crack proof coating solution that is sure to give you confidence in your property.

Our wood coatings set extremely fast, giving you almost immediate access to your new wood surface. Our proprietary methodology gives you the best coating in a single application for the smoothest, most professional looking finish. Our coatings have excellent adhesion properties and are incredibly resistant to cracks, scratches & water intrusion.

When it comes to a wood coating, we fit the methods that we use directly to the application. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your decks and porches. Rest assured that our experienced and dedicated staff has experience dealing with the nuances of all wood types and aesthetics.

The CorrectCrete Solution

CorrectCrete is the cost effective, less destructive, more efficient, professional concrete services company that prides itself on attention to detail, customer service, and dependability. Give us a call if you need coatings for your wood surfaces or any other concrete leveling and restoration solutions.

Why replace it? Correct it. Get your quote today.